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The pace of life is younger, and the difference of furniture form will inevitably change the furniture industry.

With the expansion of the scale of furniture and wood processing enterprises and the continuous growth of market demand, the woodworking machinery in China is facing the turning point of numerical control, and the woodworking machinery enterprises in China have to enter the second pioneering era.

The downstream enterprises to create huge market demand, although the “to do good work, one must first sharpen one’s tools” is the ancient law of this industry, but in the aspect of equipment collocation, enterprises often in the market trend to match their strength of profit maximization choice, choose the most excellent equipment does not necessarily mean profits but means the loss of competitiveness. When the labor cost is low enough, in order to achieve their own profit goals, the “huge-crowed strategy” is often the best choice for enterprises.

The import of complete sets of the NC furniture production line price hundreds of millions each year, only the loan interest to millions, is only the loan interest can hire hundreds of employees; equipment depreciation and maintenance cost, also can hire hundreds of employees with low cost. Therefore, in the case of extremely low labor costs and low market demand for process accuracy, the choice of traditional machinery is often better than the choice of CNC machinery.

Although the price of numerical control woodworking machinery is more expensive, but the efficiency of several times higher than the traditional machinery, or many owners eager to itch.

In recent years, some scale panel furniture enterprises have begun to import imported complete sets of numerical control equipment or purchase a small number of numerical control equipment to arm the production line of enterprises, which is purely caused by pressure.

CNC core technology is still in the grasp of foreign enterprises more advanced numerical control equipment gradually by the size of enterprises favor, in addition, to improve labor productivity, but also because the NC equipment basically eliminate the occurrence of accidents.

Due to the heavy production tasks of many furniture enterprises, long-term overtime workers lead to fatigue operation, industrial accidents occur frequently, resulting in a variety of troubles have caused business owners to be disturbed. In terms of precision and efficiency, CNC woodworking machinery is so much better than the traditional machinery.

In recent years, consumer demand for furniture products continue to improve, to enhance the level of comprehensive management tools to play to the limit, only through the equipment of the guns and guns to meet the consumer’s demanding process requirements.

Besides the high precision, the products produced by numerical control woodworking machinery are more balanced than traditional machines and avoid the inevitable quality fluctuation of traditional machines.

The price of raw materials has been facing several years “bull”, every price fluctuation to make production enterprises appear, and effectively improve the utilization rate of raw materials, CNC machine have the incomparable advantage of traditional mechanical.

China’s woodworking machinery field CNC turning point has quietly arrived, as early as the market vane changes quietly, many domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions have taken precautions.

Although universities and research institutions are lack of interest and preparation in the field of traditional woodworking machinery, as the high-end field of mechanical equipment industry, the relevant national ministries and commissions have paid enough attention to it.

In the field of metal numerical control machinery, many enterprises in China have made substantial breakthroughs. Tsinghua University, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University, and other universities and research institutions have made considerable technical reserves in CNC woodworking machinery, a market can stay the river becomes warm in spring, and the enterprises to occupy the market.

And Guangdong Markov and other enterprises, has been relying on its own force to the market launched a small number of CNC woodworking machinery products. Including the vast majority of vocational schools in the mainland, has opened a CNC machine tool operation course, but also provides a large number of potential talent reserves for enterprises.

Objectively solve or reduce the woodworking machinery enterprises to enter the market service pressure. Compared with the traditional woodworking machinery, the price of domestic CNC woodworking machinery is 5 to 10 times; and the price of imported CNC products is 2 to 3 times of the domestic CNC products.

Although CNC woodworking machinery in the efficiency, safety, precision, wood rate and other aspects of the comprehensive winning, but the high price threshold still makes many business owners flinch.

However, with the increasing production and sales of CNC machinery, the cost of machinery software will be diluted, this price is expected to be depressed.

From other areas of the machinery and equipment experience, looking for foreign enterprises to master the technology of active low price, but the cost is undoubtedly a mirage and insubstantial objects, customer service service of CNC machinery products of foreign enterprises are also very difficult to reduce.

China furniture and wood processing enterprises to enjoy more high quality and inexpensive CNC woodworking machinery, can only look forward to the local woodworking machinery enterprises have progressive technological breakthroughs and accumulation, or technical cooperation with foreign enterprises, can quickly in the popularity of Chinese CNC woodworking machinery.

The market has been quietly changing, and the new pattern is being quietly nurtured. China CNC woodworking machinery field inflection point has quietly come, will be the second time venture many woodworking machinery enterprises, Only in the field of CNC work as a woodworking machinery enterprises, can stand today, look to the future.

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